Family Footprints AZ, LLC.
Post Adoption &
DNA Search and Discovery

Welcome to
Family Footprints AZ, LLC.

I am a Confidential Intermediary for the state of Arizona with a passion for reunitiing family members.

It's my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment, where we'll work to achieve the goal together.

Terry Koktavy, C.I.

Post Adoption & DNA Search Specialist

How I Can Help

CI Program

Facilitating contact between adopted individuals, birth parents, biological siblings and adoptive parents in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes associated with sealed adoption records.

Post Adoption Services

Helping adoptees or birth parents to reunite with a first or birth family

Sibling Searching

I can assist in finding siblings separated by adoption or other family division through the use of proven search techniques and resources.

DNA Discovery

Utilizing available DNA Match results to assist in discovering your personal family genealogy.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

All FAQs can be found in my FAQs section

First, a (free) phone consultation is required. During the consultation, your questions are answered, including what your legal rights are and how to proceed with your search.
Each post adoption search has its own unique set of circumstances and challenges, and can take anywhere from several weeks to many months to find the answers and parties being searched. I will maintain ongoing contact with you throughout your search to keep you abreast of the search progress.