Post Adoption Services

The number of American families directly touched by adoption is staggering. Are you an adoptee? Are you a birth parent searching for your child that was placed for adoption? Maybe you’re a sibling or grandparent to an adoptee, or the adoptive parent assisting with the search for biological parents. The reasons for initiating a search for biological family members varies for each individual. Stories shared by individuals of adoption show that a majority of adoptees and birth parents have considered searching or have actively searched for their biological family at some point in their life. If you are considering the search process for your family member, I can help.

Let’s start with a simple free consultation. We’ll discuss your journey that has brought you to this place of search consideration. I’ll answer any questions or concerns you may have about your search and my services, including the associated fees and expectations for your search. Each search is unique – it takes time, commitment, training and money. I am committed to conducting your search with professionalism and I make every effort to keep my costs affordable to anyone that takes this journey of discovery.

Every individual’s life path is different. For that reason, every search case has its own set of circumstances and challenges. As such, the timeframe for locating the party of the search varies. Some cases are solved within weeks, others take months or possibly years. It’s also possible that the person you are searching for may not be found. However, your case will be given the full attention it deserves utilizing DNA, Genealogy and proven search skills and resources, while maintaining consistent communication along the way. Most importantly, prepare to be patient. A successful search can be an amazing, lifechanging experience.

When you are ready – I’m ready. After the initial consultation, and you are ready to proceed with the search, let’s take your discovery journey together. Contact me here

Sibling Searches

Legalized adoptions have taken place in the U.S. since the 1850’s. Children have been separated from their biological families and placed with other families or child services for a multitude of reasons and in equally as many scenarios. Often, siblings of adult adoptees that were separated as children aren’t aware that they can initiate a search for their biological siblings. The choice to initiate a search can be an emotional journey and each situation is slightly different, but rarely any less desired. The sibling search process, in most aspects, is a mirror to the post adoption search process for the adoption triad (adoptee, birth parent and adoptive parent).

It is important to understand why you are considering a search and what your expectations are. We’ll start with a simple free consultation. We’ll discuss your desired results of the search, and I’ll answer any questions or concerns you may have about your search and my services - including any prerequisites required for a sibling search. We’ll discuss the associated fees for your search and what you can expect during the process.

It is also important to understand that no two cases are alike, and there is no definitive answer to the question “How long will it take?” It can take weeks, months or years, with the possibility that the party of your search may not be found. However, a successful search can also be an amazing experience! For these reasons, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for either outcome.

When you are ready to go take the next step with your search, we can walk your path of discovery together. Your case will be handled with compassion, sensitivity, and integrity, partnered with open dialogue along the way.

The next step may seem like a big one, but it really is simple to initiate. I’m here to help.

DNA & Genealogy

DNA testing has become very popular, and many individuals submit their tests in anticipation of learning their ethnic background – “where do my ancestors come from?”. Most adoptees submit their DNA tests in hopes of finding their biological family connections. Some people are simply fascinated by the discovery of their family history and building an ancestral tree. Discovering your family’s genealogical tree and genetic tree are not one in the same.

A person’s genealogical tree identifies all of their ancestors of each generation – some are known (generally the parents, siblings and often the grandparents), others are not and must be researched. The genealogical tree is developed and supported by original documents such as birth and marriage records, immigration and passenger manifests, naturalization papers, pictures, memories, and family history mementoes that tell your family’s story, often passed down by the generations. A person’s genetic tree is developed from only their ancestors whose recombination and inheritance patterns of DNA contributed to the make-up of that person’s DNA. A key point to know – a person does not inherit DNA from all of their ancestors in a genealogical tree because of the random recombination and inheritance pattern of the DNA. Adoptees generally don’t know who their biological family members are and don’t have a starting point to build their genealogical tree. DNA testing is often their starting point in hopes of discovering someone who is genetically related to them has also DNA tested, and potentially connecting with them.

When searching for your family, all sources used to develop a family’s connections must be researched with great care and accuracy. There is always the potential to unearth unexpected information - either a missing relationship that you expected to find, or possibly encountering an unexpected relationship you weren’t aware of. It’s important to consider your reasons for conducting your genealogical search or doing a DNA test. It’s also very important to review a DNA testing company’s Terms of Service and Consent Agreements prior to administering the test.

Genealogical family research or DNA evidence, alone, do not answer every question about your family relationship discovery. It is my focus to assist you with understanding the DNA results and relationship matches. I also assist with developing your genealogical tree by researching information, not just attaching random ‘hints’ that may or may not be accurate. I put the pieces of your family discoveries together for you.

I look forward to opening the doors of discovery with you. It all starts with a simple phone consultation. Contact me here